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Vintage and Classic Tyres

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Although a new name in tyres we have not taken any short cuts, which is why it has taken so long to finalise the details of what we, and others, believe to be the best quality tyre available today for our type of cars. It has come from wanting to produce something special for ourselves but finding that the costs and quantities involved meant producing larger amounts for like minded people.


Pricing Policy

We have tried wherever possible to keep costs down and pass these savings on, which is why the 4.50 x 19 costs £109 compared to the 4.50 Englebert being £145 five years ago! Comparison with either the Englebert or Dunlop race tyres (which were increased in 2004), Blockley's are very good value. We do not intend to advertise heavily at present, as this cost will only have to be passed on. I would suggest you always buy direct from us, as we own the stock! We have a next day postal arrangement or you can collect in person. The typical cost for sending four 450 x 19 tyres overnight to a U.K. location is approx. £16. To further streamline costs, the two companies, The Blockley Tyre Co Ltd. and Concours Tyres and Rubber Products Ltd. have moved under one roof to a delightful Cotswold location to which all are welcome. Apart from buying direct, I also have one other outlet based in the UK - MWS (Motor Wheel Services) who carry large stocks. We have many other stockists throughout Europe and the USA - please contact for details. Please note that my tyres are not available from any other tyre outlet in the UK, even though Longstone Tyres and Vintage Tyre Supplies claim to supply all makes of tyres!"


If you intend purchasing a size we already make (or are in the process of making) at some future date, please let Blockley know as this will help us with our stock situation - I have a firm policy never to run out of stock once a size is produced. This is because this company is not run by accountants! Finally if you would like Blockley to produce a size we don't presently make we would be pleased to discuss the matter further.

Julian Majzub B.Sc. Eng.

Contact Details

For advice or orders on behalf of Blockley Tyre, Lee Hilsdon can be contacted during office hours on :-

The Blockley Tyre Company
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Tel: 01386 701717

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