Blockley Global Shipping

At Blockley Tyres we send our products all over the world, and strive to get you the best deal on shipping costs.

Blockley Tyre Company only sell Blockley Products!

People are often suprised to find out that The Blockley Tyre company, unlike the 'Classic' Tyre wholesalers, only sells Blockley products that we design and produce. Blockley brand tyres (beaded edge / clincher type, straight sided, cross ply and radial ply for the post war cars), plus a huge range of the very best inner tubes, and rim bands.

The Awesome 185VR15

This was the first Radial tyre we produced leading to our exceptional range of 25 individual Radial ply tyres, so far. This resulted in Dunlop V rating their Aquajet (which has a later style tread pattern) and slashing the price, to stay competitive.

This superb period correct tread pattern Blockley 185VR15 is still sold for £155 (plus tax) because we sell direct to end users and garages / restoration shops, and avoid the Classic tyre wholesalers, so we are able to do this.

The 145R10 Mini tyre is here!

We thank people for their patience in waiting - this tyre is finally tested, finished and has been available since the 60 years of Mini celebrations.

This is the perfect tyre for a Classic Mini, with period correct tread pattern, steel belting giving extraordinary performance for those that want to utilise this - a Mini fitted with a set of our 10" tyres won the RAC Rally of the Tests. Why would anyone want anything else, especially as we have priced them at a very realistic level, which by selling them direct and avoiding the Classic tyre wholesalers we are able to do.

Blockley Mini Tyres Help Seal the end of a 54 year Rallying Victory Hiatus.

When Paddy Hopkirk loaned his Monte Carlo winning Mini to Stephen Entwistle to compete on the 2019 edition of the HERO RAC Rally of the Tests, his parting comment was, ‘You’d better win!’. 

Blockley Shod Fiat 500 completes Enthusiasts Club Circuit Historique de Laon Tour on 125 R12 white walls.

Laura Shirley is a keen Fiat 500 Club UK member and recently completed 714 Blockley Tyre shod miles on the Club’s Circuit Historique de Laon tour.  

Special deal on 185HR14 white wall tyres

By popular demand Blockley has made a range of superb handling high speed rated white wall tyres.

So far we have produced 3 sizes, the 185HR14 being perfect for Mercedes Pagoda (which covers 230SL, 250SL and 280SL), for which we are doing a special offerby reducing the price.

We also make a 155HR15 which is ideal for cars such as VW or Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and finally the superb 125R12 tyre we made specially for the Fiat 500.

The Classic Motor Hub 1937 BMW 328 sits proud on Blockley Tyres

This stunning 1937 BMW 328 is currently for sale at The Classic Motor Hub located near Bibury in Gloucestershire. This matching numbers car was 8th in the 1938 Paris to Nice Trial. With its most recent owner for 28 years it comes to market with a fresh set of Blockley Tyres.

Find out what Angus MacCurrach, Head of Sales at The Classic Motor Hub thinks of the 5.50 x 16 5 studs.....

Blockley Tubes

Blockley Superior inner tubes are sized correctly, thicker, and made from the best inner tube material, butyl. We know that there are no better tubes available anywhere in the world, and because we sell direct (and not via the Classic tyre wholesaler resellers) we can supply the very best for little or no more than anything else these outfits offer. Our range of actual tube sizes is large because our tubes are not multi size marked (and when this does occur it is for very similar tyre sizes) - in other words Blockley would be making a larger number of tube sizes whereas your choice elsewhere is buying a single tube with far too many sizes written on it - which is why we have made and supply a range of some 50 Blockley inner tubes, as a result of needing these for the Blockley tyres we also produce.